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Dino, the builder, comes to the USA and is settling into the Bone
Lake neighborhood with the aid of a shy bunny, some helpful
mice and a sneaky little lizard. All of a sudden he hears a cry for

Will Dino be able to save the day and make a new friend at the
same time? Join in the adventure and find out.
What a very special way,

for a friendship to start one day.

Dino & Lilly both came from far, far away,

Dino from Germany, Lilly from Greece to the USA.

Let’s start our story from when they met,

one fall morning that was quite windy and wet.
Dino & Lilly, Making a New Friend
Athina Simon
Fiction-Children's Book

Available in Print & e-book
November 2015

$6.95 / $2.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-940707-62-4
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