Christine and Athina, writing as Athina Simon, are two young women—mothers of European decent—and they met
three years ago in the US.

“Our passion for writing and illustrating brought us closer together during our leisure time. Animal lovers, artistic,
passionate about our families and kids. We value the power and importance of friendship, self-respect, and caring
about others’ feelings.

“We both had incredible guidance from our mothers of how to be polite, proper and to cherish friendship. We
wanted to show children that in a make-believe world, even a witch has to learn how to become polite and kind. It is
not easy at first for her, but she realizes that being good will only bring good things back to her. We are looking
forward to seeing where this journey will take us and hope that children everywhere will enjoy learning with Mayia
and her friends.

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Athina Simon
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Our Genre

Dino, the builder, comes to the USA and is
with the aid of a shy bunny, some helpful
mice and a sneaky little lizard. All of a
sudden he hears a cry for help.

Will Dino be able to save the day and make
a new friend at the same time? Join in the
adventure and find out..

A little witch was living in a very small town.
She looked quite dirty and she didn't care.
Frizzy and not brushed looked her long black
hair. Still, believe it or not, she had some
who liked her. Then one by one Mayia
starting losing her friends.

Mayia the Witch
Athina Simon
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Athina Simon