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Author Spotlight
Daniel Cassidy was born
and is still living in
Liverpool, UK. He has a
keen interest in military
history in general, and a
specific interest in the
history of the Old
American West.He is a
collector (and shooter) of
Western period fire-arms,
with a great interest in
firearm history and
development, and is also
an avid participant in the
popular sport of Cowboy
Action Shooting.  
Daniel has been (very
happily) married for the
last 42 years to his lovely
wfe Evelyn. They have
been blessed with three
strapping boys—Steven,
Sean and Nathan (all now
fully grown) and two
wonderful grandsons—
Liam and Daniel.
Book Spotlight
2014 - 4th Q
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2015 - 1st Q
By society’s standards,
wasn’t famous; he wasn’t
a political figure; he was’t
a scholar. In fact, he
never graduated from

To his family and friends,
he was very significant
and an amazing human
being, son and a devoted

So how did he die after 18
days of steady progress
in an intensive care unit,
in the care of trained

This is a true story as told
by the father of
Christopher, about how a
hospital got away with “a
free kill” through a little
known law in the state of
2015 - 2nd Q